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NexDome Has a New Dome Controller

NexDome joined forces with Lunatico Astronomia and developed a new dome controller electronics and software for NexDome Dome Rotation and Shutter kits. Lunatico, a respected Spanish company, headed by Jaime Alemany worked over a year with NexDome to develop and test this new system, called Beaver. We have had tremendous success with Beaver system since its release in early 2021. Customer feedback has been great and we are happy from what we hear from users. Beaver has much more powerful process and memory with WIFI connection. Here are the Beaver spec highlight.

  • ASCOM-Standard

  • Windows platform (SkyX, NINA, and other plugins under developement)

  • Slave dome rotation to your telescope

  • Dome calibration

  • Dome status

  • Failsafe feature for shutter on low battery, disconnection with controller or computer

  • Rain detection (optional)

  • Homing

  • Goto position

  • Motor speed control

  • Both rotation and shutter firmware update via main controller. (Shutter firmware automatically is updated wirelessly when the dome rotation gets updated)

More features are under development for Beaver which can be added to the units when released. Stay tuned.


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