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Roll Off Roof

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Grow Your Options

The NexDome Roll Off Roof (NexROR) is the latest product line from NexDome, meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled protection for your instruments in extreme weather conditions including high winds and heavy snowfall.

Constructed using a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, NexROR is engineered for optimal durability. Its modular design minimizes shipping expenses significantly, making it a cost-effective solution for observatory owners.

Customers have the option to separately purchase the roof sliding mechanism, enabling them to construct the walls using locally sourced materials. This not only further reduces shipping costs but also contributes to a lower overall ownership expenditure.

Moreover, the kit's design facilitates effortless disassembly and relocation of the observatory, ensuring a hassle-free moving process if the need arises.

Roof Sliding Structure Only Option

To minimize total ownership expenses, the roof structure can be purchased separately, allowing you to construct your own enclosure using readily available materials sourced locally. This approach gives you the flexibility to customize the design and cladding according to your preferences and budget.

Roof and Walls Option

The walls feature includes essential posts for constructing the enclosed space beneath the roof structure, along with a door for entry. The brackets mounted on the wall posts have a dual function: they provide structural support and effectively secure the room to the ground. You have the flexibility to elevate the visual appeal and usability of the walls by incorporating cladding of your choosing, customized to suit your personal style and budget preferences.

Revolutionary Design


Modern Telescopes Demand Modern Observatories

Patent Pending


• Material

100% corrosion free aluminum and stainless steel structure, panels, brackets and fasteners.

Can be anchored to any type of floor with our supplied anchoring system.


Wind: Up to 110 mph (160 kph)

Snow: 25 lbs per sq inch


NexROR-2  7.5' x 6.5' (2 x 2.3m)

NexROR-3  22' x 6.5 ' (2 x 6.7m)

NexROR-4  28 x 6.5 '  (2 x 8.5m) Split 

* The default wall height is 4', but 5' and 6' tall walls can also be ordered.

* Need a different size? Let's discuss your project.

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