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INDI Driver NexDome Beaver Dome Controller

The driver is compatible with Beaver firmware version 1.0 or higher.


NexDome is a fully automatic observatory dome control system. Link your dome to a computer for complete automation including telescope slaving and shutter control. It supports the following features:

  • Slave dome rotation to your telescope

  • Rotation-only and full shutter-and-rotation available

  • Dome and Shutter status

  • Rotator homing and park

  • Motor control (Mmx/min speeds, acceleration and timeouts)

  • Direct confirmation of shutter open/closed state

  • Failsafe feature for shutter on low battery, disconnection with controller or computer

  • Park-before-close option to avoid mechanical interferences

  • Manual override controls for shutter and rotation control

  • (Not implemented yet) Field-upgradable firmware (You will need to use the Window's Beaver configuration utility atm)

You can get the driver here and on NexDome Resources page


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