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How to calculate telescope pier height

We are commonly asked: "How tall should my pier be?" So here is an easy way to calculate the pier height.

P = A - B

P = Pier Height

A = Observatory wall height. NexDome wall height is 53 inches.

B = Position your OTA horizontal, just like when you are adjusting your counterweight balance. Measure the distance from the center of the OTA to the bottom of your mount base.

Want to save some space?

The shorter your pier the more space you save. Specially for long and/or large telescopes every inch counts for the OTA to freely move inside the dome. Most of horizons at the small observatory locations are either light polluted or obstructed by trees, buildings, .... so if you can't take advantage of observing your horizon then position your tube at the "useful" angle and then measure the B distance from that angel. Obviously by doing so, the B value is now greater and therefore makes the P value or pier hight less.

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