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NexDome Shutter Motor Sneak Peak

Not the best picture, but just took one with my cell for this blog. It took me 3 times to re-design the shutter motor system from scratch. I wanted it to be simple to install/remove, minimum size possible for the unit and its track to maximize the space inside the dome, and more important, heavy duty and dependable. I have tested it on NexDomes in different environment and conditions. I am now happy to announce that we just started the production and will ramp up in few weeks. It will be available in our online catalogue and I'll add some pics and video later too. So many customers asked for the shutter motor so they can operate their NexDome remotely and I kept promising them the "near future". So here is the near future which took too long to get to! ;-)

Clear Skies

NexDome Shutter Motor

  • Wireless connection to Dome Rotation Unit

  • Powered by a 12v DC stepper motor

  • A 12v deep cycle 7amp deep cycle battery is the main power source which can open and close the shutter more than 15 times before drops to 50% of it's capacity.

  • Battery connects by itself to charger when closed.

  • Shutter closes automatically when battery drops to less than 50% capacity.

  • Battery capacity monitor through computer.

  • No need to make any holes on the dome and very easy to install.

  • Smart manual control shutter functions

  • Magnetic limit switches

  • Easy firmware update through USB connection

  • Open source driver.

  • ASCOM Compatible

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