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Jun 28, 2018

Shutter charging position?


Nearing a feature complete version of the software but I have a question about user preference.


I've got the RG11 routines done that will close the shutter when it's raining and I've added routines and UI elements in the rotator sections that allow the user to choose what, if anything, the rotator will do when either the shutter voltage is low or it's raining.


The default action in a low voltage condition on the shutter will prevent any "open" commands from actually opening the shutter but it will not automatically close. A checkbox in the shutter settings form "Close when low" lets the user change that behaviour to automatically close as soon as a low voltage condition is detected.


The rotator now has a drop down list of actions to take when it is raining or the shutter has a low voltage condition. The choices are "None", "Go Home", or "Go Park". The idea being that if the shutter is closing then it may as well move the rotator to the shutter charging position.


I'm wondering if everyone has their chargers at home or park or if people are choosing some other position? I could add a "Charge Position" setting to the Home/Park set but would prefer not to as the rotator flash is getting quite full already.


So where do you charge your shutter controller?

Jun 28, 2018

HOME / Park position is what is recommended by NexDome in the user manual.

Jun 28, 2018

I use home/park 0 position. I'd like it to close if low power (so it would close before it's to low to do so.) I'm still getting weird sounds. (not just at the sensor) I've been testing Prism software and it tracks... sometimes when it moves it runs on after the move as if it's not quite shut off. (as if it's getting a bit of connection to move?) I can stop it by bumping the rotator button for a split sec. The sound it makes sounds unhealthy. So it's a bit worrisome.


Also since I'm not using SGP at present and exploring Prism, where do we set the mount off set numbers? I think before SGP asked. I don't see these options in PRism. (though it has everything else).

I am also running POTH. (PDM driver in poth) I see poth has off set boxes? (are these relavent?) I then connect Prism to POTH.

Jun 28, 2018

Ron, I dunno. Not familiar with Prism and the driver doesn't do anything with the offsets.


Babak, that's what I decided on using but I want to give people the opportunity to convince me otherwise. Not quite arrogant enough that I think I know everything about dome setups! Maybe after the driver is done and working well I can make my head swell a little lol.

Jun 28, 2018

My charger connection is at the PARK position.

Oct 5, 2018

Hod did you mount the charger? I held it in place under the shutter motor on a wall flange and it seemed a little tight on the hanging contacts. Did any of you space the charger downward a bit to leave a little less of a "squish" between the charger and the shutter contacts? I'm just "test holding" mine right now on a well space with an outside wheel to find a good way to mount them, but seemed a little tight fit without some other space. I might just be overthinking this too.


Oct 5, 2018

I mounted the actual charger on the wall of a bay and just ran the connector wire to the piece of angled plastic that holds the contacts (see photo). The plastic piece is mounted to the lip of a wall with two #10 x 1" screws that are secured with wingnuts on top of the lip. By adjusting the wingnuts, I can raise or lower the height of the contacts. I also increased the area of the charging contacts by adding a couple of pieces of 1/8" steel strap.




Oct 6, 2018

Good idea. I did notice also having the charger on the plastic and the wire bundle behind, it would interfere with my "home" rotator magnet. I'll look at doing something similar to yours. Thanks for the idea!

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