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May 4

Shutter motor new install skipping/ stutter


I finally got a replacement battery and I’m finishing up the install of the shutter motor kit. I’m just using the manual buttons to move it. The shutter gear keeps stuttering in the track and skipping. I had to help it move with my hand to even get it to open. It seems like it is having to work way too hard.


I installed the wind guards up on top on top but I checked and they are not rubbing. The wheels are also okay. I don’t know if the guides on the edge of the motor might be binding or something.


anybody else experience this?

do I need to silicone spray the roof panels to glide easier?

Did shutters move freely without motor installed?





They were new shutter panels and I have not really tried them without the motor but I would say they were a little ’sticky’ sliding against each other. If I help it move, the motor builds up a little tension on the track then moves in a jerky fashion. Then tension, then jerky move. I will try some silicone spray tomorrow and see if that helps.

The Dupont Teflon spray which was shared in this part of the forum some time ago really works great. Also! Make certain that debug is disabled in the firmware.

So I sprayed on the teflon and by hand the shutters moved pretty smoothly. But trying the lift itself the motor starts to skip about a foot up the track.


it looks like the gear teeth are too short or the track chain is too deeply set in the plastic. I wonder if the track is a new run or something and out of spec? It really looks like the teeth just aren’t getting good purchase on the chain links.


Either that hat or the track is a little too think and maybe binding up as it tries to go through?


if I help it by pushing up on the motor while holding the button, I have to use a bit of force to get it to move up the track.


Obviously this will not work for me. Anybody have an idea what to do?

You did not by chance at the same time mess with the DIP switches and turn on switch 1 to try and make it go fast ?? If so you might undo that. Just thinking out loud..

Best, Ron

@Ron Crouch no, just now installing it. It starts to go up at a normal pace then starts skipping. Babak suggested putting a shim under the track to push the chain closer to the sprocket. I’ll see if I can get that to work.

I had that sprocket-skipping happen long ago at first install. The fix was to add an additional washer under the 4 rollers on top. It was trial and error to find which one's needed the added washer. If you just look you might see which ones are too tight. Looking now I see that in my world.. the front pair of rollers each have one washer but the back one on track side has 3 and the back roller opposite has 2 washers. Once I did that and sprayed the shutter matting surfaces I have had zero issues since last September.


Good luck!!



My shutter motor kit maybe has a little different design. It has sliders instead of rollers.


There is one spacer of the slick plastic material that goes behind the track. And there is one slider/ guide on the side that slips along the inner lip of the dome. They are both glued to the aluminum making an aluminum sandwich.


I think I got it working okay now. I used just one thickness of the double sided mounting tape like they use to hold the battery in against the aluminum. I put one strip under the plastic spacer piece where it had been glued to the aluminum behind The track. Hope that makes sense. But the thickness of that mounting tape seems to have been enough To push the track into the sprocket.


i tried going up and down a couple times using the buttons and it looks like it is working.

@dave4robots Thanks! I was referring to the 4 roller wheels that are on the very top of the dome roof outside flanking the shutter. I was not aware that those were replaced.

Good luck! Ron

@Ron Crouch ah yes, I thought you meant on the motor bracket. yes I found that the wheels could be over tightened and get too stiff or pinch the roof tiles. i put some washers in there as well like you.


My problem was I think that the chain in the track for the shutter had settled too far in the plastic when it was manufactured. It needed a shim or something to push it more into the sprocket of the motor.


Thanks for all all the help.

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