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Feb 24, 2018

Shutter Motor Kit Installation


Edited: Feb 24, 2018

Share information, instruction and tips on how to install the shutter motor kit

Dec 2, 2018

I'm having lots of trouble with my shutter. When it works it's awesome. But in the past year and a half it's only worked properly for about 7 months of that. I recently had it upgraded/fixed... installed and all was again good. I had 2 clear nights since then (rare in Michigan in the winter). and it worked fine. So the other day (3rd time I've used the new replacement setup). I'm demoing the dome setup to a friend on nightskiesnetwork. I had about a dozen people pop in and I had issued with the shutter not working again. (wasn't good for sales). I went out the next day and discovered the shutter data (where does it store its settings?) is corrected again (as was the case before I had it replaced). The driver data fields. (version, volts, low, steps etc) are all missing or wrong or (rarely) volts is correct). I hate to send it all back in again. What board or part would cause this? Each time I connect I get something different. When I try to open the shutter I get a very VERY slow ticking of the motor that SLOWLY increases in speed. When I release the rocker button the ticking very VERY SLOWLY slows down before stopping. (as if in super slo motion).



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  • Preferably with pictures as it looks like you need to make something for yourself for the bar to slot into. When you pay the prices asked you expect ro be able to lock the thing.
  • I am about to assemble my NexDome and setup my observatory. I have a 14” Meade GPS on a custom pedestal. My guestion is: Getting the scope into the dome and onto the wedge I think is going to be a bear. My thoughts are to build the dome around the pedestal with the scope already on it. Any comments on this? That scope is BIG and I think that lifting it through the slot is going to present more problems than lifting the dome over the scope. Planning the install to have as few few problems as possible. Thank you Bob P
  • As report under Shelving problems I have a question about draining the depression on the exterior of the dome of rain water. I was thinking of drilling a few small holes in the area but realized that it would drain into the interior of the dome. Has anyone figured out how to remove the water? Its a special problem when opening the shutter which dumps onto the scope and mount.