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Nov 18, 2018

Dome motor controller power off usb


I am trying to get to full robotic with control from a PC for startup to shutdown. I’m using a smart plug to switch on power to each device but the PC power is always on. I can switch off the dome power supply but the controller board stays on because of the USB.

So 1) i didn’t like the idea of the board staying on at all times due to daytime heat, but will it survive?

2) If I disconnected 5V from the Vcc bus from the PC by just cutting red line in the cable, so that the board is powered only if main supply is on, Will USB port still communicate? Or does it need Vcc+5 to the port to allow Tx/Rx.

Nov 18, 2018

The Arduino board can be powered by either the +5V USB connector or the +12V power supply; so in order to actually power it down you must cut both the 12V supply and the USB connection. Your best bet is to place a powered USB hub between the rotator and your PC. This will allow you to cut power to both the 12V power supply and the USB connection.

Nov 18, 2018

Thanks. I havent even able to find a USB hub that’s also wont take power from the PC. I’ll look for one.

Nov 18, 2018

Hi! Like I said I use a powered hub and switch both it and the dome 12V off with a web power switch. You will find that the rotator will need rebooting that way once a day or so to be stable. For me it's off every AM then back on an hour before sunset etc.. I have no clue about cutting wires and such!

Now you can set the BIOS in most PC's to "boot on powerup". That means you can shut it down and kill power. Then remotely power up and it's running again. I do that as no way I'd leave the little NUC running 24/7 in summer heat especially.




Nov 19, 2018

how Do you reboot the rotator, just disable/ enable in device manager?

Nov 19, 2018



Connect the power supplies for both the Rotator 12V and the USB 3 hub to the same "smart switch." Then, when you power cycle the switch, the rotator will start from a fully-off state, i.e., it will reboot.

Nov 20, 2018Edited: Nov 20, 2018

I have "totally" remote. I can power up image and shut down from the house or anywhere with a internet connection. To power switch I use the digital loggers wireless switch. (Babak sells in the automation link of this site). To depower (I read its your USB?) why is the computer running? I run a nuc and power it down as well with the digitial logger. (it has 6 switched outlets). It's clear your problem is the PC is always on? (why?) If you wish to talk about totally remote setup... contact me on fb or in a group I created for remote imagers





Nov 20, 2018

That’s a beautiful set up. Have I also seen those pictures on cloudy nights? (I’m Romadave there)


My PC is kind of not the prob actually. It sits in a control room closet to stay out of the elements. I have a powered USB hub that also extends hdmi for a screen in case I need it during setup. The hub is powered over Ethernet from the schools network switch so I can’t turn it off. I think putting the powered is better hub mentioned above in the path will let me control connection via power strip.


If if I can’t get that working I’ll seeing more advice. Thanks everyone!

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