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May 28, 2018

Rotater track coming unstuck and how to solve.


Edited: May 30, 2018

One of the first things I did was on each panel section use 3 self tapping screws from the outside of the dome with teflon washers and screw them into the track on the inside of the dome, but first drill very small pilot hole through dome wall and right thru track EDIT drill from inside choosing the peak of the track drill a very small pilot hole all the way through the track and dome wall, then make a bigger hole in the dome wall only,for the self tapping screw to go thru, this will prevent fracturing the dome. ( oh do this after you have stuck the rotater track on with the self adhesive tape and do it on a mild day too as the dome and track expand at different rates with temp extremes) this is what causes the track to lift off adhesive tape. hence my cure.

I have had this solution in place now for a few months with no ill effects and no lifting off.

I thought I had some pics to show this, in daylight I will take a couple and post them here

May 31, 2018

I'd love to see some photos. Not sure what you are explaining... I installed mine is cold weather. It didn't seem it like would stick but it did and once cured it really held well. However I have part coming look near where the two ends come together. I just used some more left over double stick and re did the part that was coming loose. I don't know if any other part will pull, so I'd love to see your tweaks!

Jun 2, 2018


The location of where you drill tiny pilt holes right thru track and dome

Jun 2, 2018

Oh, cool. So you drilled the small pilot hole from the inside out first. Makes sense.

Jun 2, 2018


The view from outside dome, once pilot holes drilled drill thru dome with a bigger drill not the track of course, this will prevent cracking or splitting dome wall.

Jun 2, 2018


And this is the screw, also use a nylon type washer to prevent water from getting inside also protecting the dome wall too. Er also be carefull not to have the tip protruding thru track, kinda upsets the gear :)

Jun 2, 2018

Great instructions Clive, thanks!

Jun 24, 2018

Just did the mod based on your instruction today, Works Great! Thanks Clive :)

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