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Sep 16, 2018

Problems with Bay Shelves


Has anyone had issues with the shelves that came with the bays. The ones sent with my order are about 4" to deep and interfere with the aluminum posts at the connection point. Even without the post they run into each other with side by side bays. I removed them so I could begin wall assembly which comes with its own challenges since lining up the holes is similar to the issue associated with the bay top alignment with the bay sides.


I've wrote to Babak yesterday (Saturday) and don't expect to hear back until early this coming week.

Sep 19, 2018
Top Comment

Steve - if you don't get help here fast enough - join our Nexdome user group on facebook. LOTS of activity in there.

I didn't install the shelves. I didn't like the metal. Several of us have purchased tool chests (with drawers) and set them in the bay.


Sep 19, 2018

Ron, thanks for the suggestions. I don’t have a Facebook account for very personal reasons. My wife does and I’ve been following the group but haven’t seen any mention about the shelves except what you said above.

Babak wrote me back and instructed me to “This is normal, just push the posts aside 1/4" on each side and the shelves will fit.”. I have no idea what he means especially when the posts are bolted in place. Even without the posts I tried to fit my two bays together and the shelves hit one another.

Clear skies.

Oct 3, 2018

I did notice this also. I was going to just use one shelf on mine (2 bay) but since my bays are next to each other, they interfere with each other as well as the post. I just pulled it off and will use something else. I like that too chest idea, can also lock it to keep your Naglers safe! I do have a small Metro rack thing, I'll try that for storage, and probably build a custom computer desk or something similar.


Oct 3, 2018

As you suggested I moved this to the Facebook group. Think I’ll use a wood or melamine shelf on L brackets.

Nov 28, 2018

I had to notch out each side of the shelf to get the shelf to fit

Also I could not get the holes in the bay parts to line up and the fact that there is no bottom to the bay would allow water to enter .

The side panels in the main walls should have 4 small holes and 2 larger holes , mine had 5 small and 1 large in each panel.

The main difference I have found between my previous SkyShed and Nextdome is massive condensation so much that I am afraid to leave my telescope and computer set up and , the Skyshed had much thicker walls so did not suffer from this problem.

After all that moaning I still like the look of the observatory and once I find a way of keeping my equipment dry I will be happy.

Gordon Semmens

Nov 30, 2018

I gave up on the metal shelves and just put in a plywood shelf, works just fine for me. Now that I've got my tripod up the way the metal shelf extends into the interior of the dome would significantly interfere with the space behind my chair.

Nov 30, 2018

I used a small Metro rack for storage, and a small folding table for the computer/keyboard. The computer thing is just temporary until spring when I'll build something better.

Nov 30, 2018

We have had a night of heavy rain and upon inspection I have found that where the door is supposed to seal against the body there is a gap between the gasket and the door which has let in a pool of water, this is a poor design which needs rectifying .

Nov 30, 2018

We've had some significant rain too and when I went into the dome yesterday I found a major leak through the top of the door. I'm going to head to Home Depot and find some additional weatherstripping to seal the gap at the top of the door

This was the gap before I could get the door closed which I thought I eliminated after successful door locking. Guess I was wrong.


Nov 30, 2018

How is it latched? I found when I pulled mine shut across the aluminum support, it was so tight that it bowed. I cut a small slit in the aluminum where the latch slides in and it's the perfect tension that I don't get a gap in the door.

Nov 30, 2018

@Tom Gwilym Mine is latched behind the aluminum post. The gap in the picture is in the position of where you modified the post to accept the latch. The photo I just took of the top door seal when latched behind the post doesn't show a very small gap ~1/16". I'm going to add a thin self adhesive exterior grade weatherstrip along the top of the door. I'm hoping it will do the job.

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