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Feb 24, 2018

Dome Rotation Kit Installation


Edited: Feb 24, 2018

Share information, instructions and tips on how to install the dome rotation kit

Mar 4, 2018

Where is the Ascom driver for the rotation kit? The downloads section has something that calls itself an ascom driver but it's actually the leonardo sketch.


Dec 20, 2018
William, go to the Automation section and read this thread Updating firmware (rotator and shutter). It tells you everything you need to know about updating firmware and drivers.
Mar 4, 2018Edited: Mar 4, 2018

I Pat. Not sure myself but I believe the latest NexDome Windows ASCOM installers can be found here:


Then the specific Arduino Files (.ino) for the Dome & the Shutter kit can be found here:


But that is my understanding but I can be wrong...Babak from NexDome should be able to confirm...



May 27, 2018

I commented and complained about the arduino firmware being labeled at ascom drivers months ago. wish I had admin privs so I could clean up things. Back then I was looking for the firmware which I was informed was in the download area and could not find it. (because it's labeled as ascom drivers).


Dec 13, 2018

Is there a 64 bit ascom driver. I tried to set up the dome rotation and received a incompatable error that the ASCOM driver was 32 bit and my system is 64 bit.


also is there som ste by step instructions for the setup of the rotation kit?

Dec 13, 2018

All my PCs are 64bit. I think the only driver is 32bit (ascom is 32 bit I believe). Make sure you have ascom installed first. Get the PDM zip from github (I don't know why the driver is not on nexdome downloads) I mentioned it a LONG time ago. You likely have the PDM firmware? (in the setup) so install the PDM ascom driver in the zip. Try it. If there are problems we can have you check your firmware. You will want to make sure you have poth (to test dome and rotator and driver). I believe poth installs with the ascom package. 6.4? I THINK is latest version. We have a facebook group that is real time conversations. I can be found to talk to on fb messenger to help it really takes a low of Q&A in real time to figure out what you need.

I would google and search and install the Arduino editing software. It will assist in finding the rotator and declaring what com port it's located on. (its free). Google and install ASCOM if not already (again lots of Q&A to know what you have already). contect me on facebook. (Friend me, then msg me). I'd be happy to help).


Dec 13, 2018

Thank you, I will research this further. I do not have a Facebook account. if necessary I will get one.

Dec 13, 2018

Hi Ron.


I've created a facebook account, but there are several persons with your name...


Here is my situation"



The following ASCOM programs are installed:

I connected the cable to the unit and the Ardino Device is recognized as COM4

I then opened my ASCOM file.

I opened the file POTH Scope-Dome Hub with the following file opened:

Note that the Track and Slave Dome buttons are “greyed out” and are not changeable the NexDome Directions state that these should not be have checks: How do I enable the boxes?

Next, I entered Setup. The following screen opened:

Under Dome Setup I entered Setup and chose NexDome from the pop up menu

I hit the choose Dome then NexDome with the following results: Note that NexDome is enabled>

I pressed Connect and the system; it shows that it is connecting, but that is as far as it goes:

The “connect button says connecting, but it never connects. If you click on the screen, the computer shows that POTH is not responding.

If I go to the ASCOM Dome control program, I get the following:

Select Dome> NexDome >Properties = COM4> OK > OK


I then get the following Message

I was not able to replicate the 32 Bit Error message.

What now?

Dec 13, 2018

sounds like you have a good start (reading on) brb


>>>>Under Dome Setup I entered Setup and chose NexDome from the pop up menu

📷 Is there another option? Like PDM dome? let me boot up my dome pc and see what mine says. yes mine shows PDM Nexdome Driver. Click properties and make sure it has the proper com port.

interesting and I don't know why I have two options.


PDM NexDome Driver and PDM NexDome.


I have the first one. (not sure why I have two) one might be a older driver). click ok


Before PATS code - it was the NexDome Driver (I don't think that's the one to use). If you go to connect and it can't - something is wrong. (driver or com port). When I click connect mine instantly shows in red on the right SHUTTER CLOSED and AZ 000.0


Did you download the PDM nexdome zip from github?

To see the com port (you ran the arduino utility? and it declared com4?) I want to be sure.





Dec 13, 2018

My COM 4 Port is the Arduino Leonardo device.

I downloaded the PDMDome0525 Setup File and extracted the PDMDome0523 Setup

Dec 13, 2018

How do I run the Arduino Utility? When I open Arduino, I get something called Sketch.

Dec 13, 2018

No problem, Clear shies seem to be limited lately.

Dec 13, 2018

I can show you my setup and config there live.


Dec 13, 2018

you may need to register to talk (fb is better as we can chat) without cluttering this forum.


Dec 14, 2018

I'd delete our conversation above but (deleted some of mine) and since I'm not a moderator I can't clean out unwanted posts. ;-)


Dec 21, 2018

really your best bet is team viewer (easy install) then chat to me on facebook and we'll set a time for me to log in to your machine. (you can watch). There are to many variables without a lot of Q&A to figure out where you're at. If I can log in - it might be 10 - 15 min.


Dec 21, 2018

Hi Ron,


I think that team viewer is the way to go. I am on the west coast. Would tomorrow afternoon or Saturday be okay?

Dec 21, 2018

Hard to say as holidays are near, my sons home from MD for 3 weeks. We're flighty. But today may work until something comes up. noon here. look for me on facebook messanger. I have time now... (

Dec 21, 2018

I know real time is difficult on this forum but please keep up the posts. It lets all of us here know what's going on with the NexDome. I check FB every other day and to be honest finding and following a thread is very difficult. Please remember I'm using my wife's FB so I'm under Becky Stromska's account.

Dec 21, 2018

Ron got my dome to work great. thank you. I do not know exactly what he did, but he knows the exact magic words. the basic problem is that Github is completely alien to many of us. Perhaps nexdome could draft true step-by-step instructions rather than the current version.


Ron - Thanks again.

Dec 21, 2018

I agree, NexDome is way behind the support curve for the software/firmware issues almost everyone has experience. I've been working, actually just following the thread on Automation "Tested the Last Build 2.0" which is working on what Pat Maloy started. My last read was they're working on "TheSky" patch.


I joined the ASCOM help group on Google groups and they have been helping me to just get my dome rotation kit to follow the scope as it moves. I still can't get the dome shutter to align properly with the OTA. I've done every measurement for the ASCOM scope setup yet the dome is off by 8-10 degrees. I'll get it done, just thought it would be easier.

Dec 22, 2018

Main problem with bills is what I said way back above. He said he listed the uno card. I changed it from uno to the leonardo board. I configured com port. I loaded and wrote the rotator firmware. I think that was it. I used poth then to check "can control shutter" and it loaded up after a reboot. Poth was then good and then I installed SGP and point that at poth. So both control the dome. I don't know his "follow the scope" numbers - but I entered mine in for a close start. He can tweak them from there. All went well. Was my pleasure and pay it forward - since Diego in Austrailia team viewer'ed into mine to set me up in my time of need. = ) only scary part of controlling his dome from Michigan without being able to see it (I was careful) but seemed it was still tied down even with the "ok clear?" feed back ;-)

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