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Mar 5

Where to put the pier offset?


I am almost finished building the pier for my 11" SCT with an equatorial mount and am considering a Nexdome before I place it permanently. I don't want the pier to be in the way of getting into the (possible) dome. In general, which direction should the pier be offset? Any other considerations besides site constraints?

earthltd, welcome to the group. There is a thread in the installation section of this forum that will answer your question. Hope you find it helpful.


NexDome is my first observatory. I found assembly somewhat frustrating but there are lots of tricks to making it easier but once done it works very well. There are lots of drawing and instructions located in the Support section of the website above. You'll also find lots of information on accessories and and automation. I suggest you familiarize yourself with these other sections to see what's come before. There's also a Facebook group, which I stopped following because it's not designed for technical issues, ever though you can find some useful info there too.


Good luck,


Thanks, I thought it should be.

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