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May 31, 2018

REMOTE - power on / off


Edited: Jun 9, 2018

Another cool item that NexDome sells is the digital loggers wireless power switch. Since I'm remote in my home (300 ft from the dome) and don't want to walk out there at 4am to turn things off. (I'm often attacked by a crazy buck) as they snort and charge off. So using my browser and a IP address I can call up my outlets in the dome and switch on or off anything in the observatory. GOT POWER?

The above photo was when I was setting up. Didn't care about wires - just wanted things running. I've since moved this unit to the wall and cleaned up the cable runs using split tube cable organizer (from Amazon - dirt cheap). The black unit on the floor is my initial install of the Wireless Power Switch Pro. It now resides in the bay wall. (SEE BELOW LEFT)

After entering in the IP address in a web browser you enter a login name and password and then you can control the power in the dome from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection. I often do this with my smartphone. The interface looks like this. Here It's shut down but I left the fan running to ward off any condensation in the morning. I leave my cloud watcher, solo & wifi (netgear mesh) unit always hot since I never want to power those down.


Once configured. I moved it to a wall mount... keeping things really clean in the dome. Here you can see it mounted on the bay wall (left).




Read more about this product here

Dec 1, 2018

Ron, I've been thinking of purchasing one of these Pro Switch's power management boxes. When I look closely to your setup I notice that all of the plugs are regular 120v plugs. Is there enough room to plug in devices that use an AC 120v to DC Xv inverter like for my powered USB hub?


My concern is that the power brick will interfere with the outlet above or next to it. I've had this issue with my UPS for my computer in my home office.


Anything you can provide will be very useful.




sorry for the delay (we respond very fast in the facebook nexdome group) I just stumbled into this post. YES the warts can always be a problem on any AC outlet. Not a major problem. I move it to a top or bottom where it won't be in the way. AT WORST you could plug in a short cable or power strip. I do that on some so I can switch on/off multiple things at once. Or things that I want "always hot".

I have some wall warts plugg into it now that it's wall mounted. Though not really seen in this photo.


noticed in a older pic - the white cords are power strips. I can then plug the wall warts into the strips.


New Posts
  • Nexdome sells some great products from other companies in other countries so as to make them easier to obtain here in the states. One item is the Sky Watcher. I LOVE THIS THING. It has sensors that watches the conditions for observing. You need to have a computer running is which kind of a turn off. Sooooo... they created the SOLO which is a small Pi computer (cheap) that can run 24/7 with no worry. The two worth together and mine makes a display that looks something like this. With SGP you can make it close the shutter door of the dome automatically when it rains, OR before - when clouds roll in. (which is what I prefer). The external unit, I mounted in the shade. (never gets direct sun here) and it aims at the incoming sky to get clouds as they first move in from the west. I used a CRTV camera mount I found on Amazon for around 7.00. It's aiming N - NW. Back chips come next week which will be blown in over the dirt/cords. The IP address is entered and you access the screen like the one below. You can share the link with others. I watch it continuously while I'm imaging. Or if I go to bed, when clouds move in the shutter will close automatically before it starts to rain. SGP will show a green or a red button/light in the lower right corner of it's interface. Red for unsafe conditions and Green for save. You can also see this on my live link. Click here to see it live: