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Sep 7, 2018

Installing the Door Gasket


I haven't seen many installation posts and I wanted to share something I learned while per-assembling my NexDome Kit concerning the doorway.


I quickly learned that the door gasket doesn't go on easily around the door opening. Since it comes rolled up it has a set twist which makes it difficult to lay onto the door frame ridge. In order to increase its flexibility I unrolled the gasket and laid it over one of the box tops from the dome kit out in the sun to soften up. It sat in the sun for about an hour and got warm and pretty pliable.


It takes at least two people to pre-assemble the panels. I had set up a table do most of my pre-assembly work which turned out so I wasn't working on the ground. The table provided a very solid surface for the panel pieces and the door itself. However, the door frame panel is very floppy in nature so I took the box top from the same shipping box top, that I used to heat the gasket in the sun, and laid it over the table to give me a large flat surface to support the door frame.


I found that I couldn't push the gasket hard enough to slide it all the way on the door frame ridge. I then got my trusty rubber mallet and gently started to tap the gasket onto the ridge. Tapping didn't work so I needed to increase the force to hit hard enough to push the gasket all the way on the ridge and not to hard to crack the door frame. During the hitting of the gasket my helper held the door frame up so I could attach the gasket and not over flex the door frame. I have a few photos that demonstrate the difference between pushing and hitting the gasket.


I hope this helps.


It's important to note that when fully on the frame there is a nice even space between the edge of the gasket and door.It's important to note that when fully on the frame there is a nice even space between the edge of the gasket and door.
Gasket Fully on the Door Frame


Gasket Pushed on the Door Frame





Sep 14, 2018

Thanks for the ideas. I just go to this myself and was first wondering if it went around the door itself or the frame. The twisty thing is going out to warm in the sun right now. :-)


Sep 14, 2018

Tom, you're welcome. Glad you found it.

Sep 14, 2018

I tried the mallet method, but then found that if I wiggled the seal back and forth while pushing on it, I was able to get it to go on pretty well. Leaving in the sun did work too, made it less "curly" and easier to work with.


Sep 14, 2018

Glad that worked for you. I couldn't make the wiggle method work. I was significantly tiered after using the mallet bet your hands and arms were too.


BTW, I'm following you on the NexDome Facebook page through my wife's account, no Facebook for me, so I can't comment or post there. The only social media account I have is Twitter and I'm closing that one down.


Your dome looks great on the platform you built. I like the corner down lights you put in on the posts. I suppose they're going to be red. We're still pre-assemblying everything for when help arrives to put it together on Monday. I ordered the dome rotation kit and when all you guys figure out the bugs, I'm not a programmer, hopefully I'll be able to upload the software without all the bugs.


I used a 1/4" drill bit to align the bay top to the rear and side panels. The domed washers sealed everything pretty well, I'm adding additional bolts, washers and nuts to the rear panel corners through the shelf for extra stability and sealing. Will most likely also silicone seal the seams too.


I'll post a photo or two in this forum.


Clear sky's!

5 days ago

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