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Apr 23


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Anyone besides myself have condensation issues and If so what steps have you taken to combat it? I finished my Nexdome yesterday. I placed my CGEM on my pier and left it overnight to see how things go. This morning my mount was drenched in condensation just like I had left it out in my yard under the sky. I know the dome isn’t anything close to airtight but I thought being inside would be enough to keep things dry. I was wrong. I know I could probably just buy a cover and a light to raise the temp but I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and what are you doing to combat it. I was really hoping that once I had an observatory I wouldn’t need to cover my gear. Seems redundant. By the way, I’m in SE Louisiana, very humid, especially in summer.

I had that the mount was dripping literally on my nuc positioned under neath. I added a squrrel cage fan which is on 24/7 when the scope is not in use. (fan on during use reduces guiding performance in a huge way). No condensation issues since. (2+ years) VERY humid here too in the summer. I aim the fan at the mount and some at the scope at top. None since. (sometimes a LITTLE on the counter weights since they retain the cold of the light into the morning.

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  • Anyone who has assembled a NexDome has noticed tje inherent thumping, as the dome turns over the walls. In some cases the dome sections are NOT level with each other and this presents a more profound problem. This can cause the dome to stall or stick which can effect the dome rotation kit to jump the track or grind the gear. Several have mentioned filling the space so I did. I used a modeling clay and filled the spaces between the dome sections. In a few areas I added material to level out a few of the uneven transitions. It worked for exactly 2 days. First the added leveling material fell out as the dome ran over the wheels. Even after the clay fell out the dome was much quieter and ran smoother with the spaces being filled. The dome also didn't thump, stick or stall. The next time I was in the dome, all but a few, of the clay remaining in the spaces fell out. Other than cleaning up the clay the dome is no worse for wear. I wanted to use a material that could be removed easily, in case of having to remove the dome for any number of reasons. I did not sand or otherwise rough up the area and I'm thinking that might be required. If anyone has tackled this please post here. I will keep reporting back as I try other materials or techniques. Steven